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Vincent Reinhart

Chief Economist & Investment Strategist

Vincent is the Chief Economist and Investment Strategist for the Firm. He is responsible for developing views on the global economy and making relative value recommendations among global bond markets, currencies, and sectors. Previously, he was Chief US Economist and managing director at Morgan Stanley. For the prior four years, he was a resident scholar at the AEI. Mr. Reinhart worked at the Federal Reserve for twenty-four years, most recently as Director of the Division of Monetary Affairs and Secretary and Economist of the Federal Open Market Committee. His responsibilities at the Federal Reserve included directing research and analysis of monetary policy strategies and the conduct of policy through open market operations, discount window lending, and reserve requirements. He was the principal liaison with the domestic desk at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and was responsible for preparing a document outlining policy alternatives for each FOMC meeting. His earlier experience in the Federal Reserve System included a two-year stint as Deputy Director in the Division of International Finance and Associate Economist of the FOMC and five years spent at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in a variety of capacities in both the Domestic and International Research Departments. His academic publications primarily concern the conduct of policy and issues related to the monetary transmission mechanism as well as an analysis of alternative auction techniques and Treasury debt management. After an undergraduate training at Fordham University, he received graduate degrees in economics at Columbia University.

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