Our Process

Research Generates Ideas and Drives The Investment Process

Standish’s Global Macro Strategists conduct broad top-down, macroeconomic analysis that identifies general investment themes and risks with an emphasis on region, country, curve, duration and currency.
We are best able to capture the highest risk-adjusted returns from a bond or currency:

  1. When we can find a security that is undervalued,
  2. Where our cyclical research identifies that portfolios should rebalance in favor of the security and
  3. When the consensus view towards the security is at a bearish extreme.

Once the top-down macroeconomic assessment is in place, we focus on country, currency, duration/yield curve and sector allocation positioning.
Standish views research as an internal responsibility and is fully committed to bottom-up, fundamental research. The goal of our research effort is to anticipate credit quality trends and generate ideas that our portfolio managers can use to produce well-diversified portfolios that are consistent with our clients’ business needs and investment objectives. The Investment Team assesses relative value, makes sector allocation decisions and selects among “best ideas,“ all while adjusting for risk budget and client preferences.