Standish Municipal ESG: Assessing Risk and Delivering Impact Solutions

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Standish Muni ESG

Daniel Marques, CFA

Daniel Marques, CFA - Senior Portfolio Manager and Director of Individual Portfolio Management

Executive Summary

  • As a UNPRI signatory, Standish agrees that Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) factors can affect the risk and return profile of fixed income investments.
  • Standish developed a proprietary ESG risk assessment that incorporates both quantitative and qualitative methods to mitigate risk and enhance our credit evaluation process to help better understand and manage sustainability issues in municipal markets.
  • Beyond the integration of ESG for risk management purposes, municipal bonds are also a good fit for values-based investors as debt proceeds often align with a sustainable mission and enable positive community environmental and social impacts.
  • Municipal Impact portfolios are Standish’s solution for values-based investors looking to help meet pressing social or environmental challenges while also capturing the key benefits of the municipal asset class – tax exemption, preservation of capital and attractive risk/return characteristics.

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